Welcome Ravers!!

MINT your own Crypto Ravers NFT collectibles and follow the RAVE! Only 0.5 $SOL per Raver!


About Crypto Ravers NFT

Crypto Ravers is a collection of 10,000 unique randomly generated pixel art Crypto Ravers stored on the Solana blockchain. Crypto Ravers's goal is to create a strong NFT community and engage customer loyalty. Right now the first 800 Crypto Ravers have been uploaded on the blockchain and are ready to be minted!!! Let's start a new RAVE in the crypto world!!

  • 10,000 Crypto Ravers have been randomly generated.
  • 800 in circulation.

The Specs

A 64x64 pixel canvas has been used for the creation of the NFT's. Crypto Ravers NFT's metadata are stored on Arweave, a permanent decentralized data storage. Each Raver is generated from over 56 possible traits spread over 6 layers, some being rarer than others, giving everyone the chance to mint the rarest ones! Let's see who's lucky!

  • 64x64 pixel canvas.
  • Arweave decentralized data storage .
  • 6 different layers.
  • 56 different traits.

Crypto Ravers NFT Roadmap

We will be uploading more Crypto Ravers when the first batch will be completely minted. The funds from our sales will be distributed to our Devs Wallet so that it can be used for uploading more Crypto Ravers and for future projects. There is 2.5% resale tax that will be sent to our wallet for staking $SOL.


Instructions on how to mint your own Raver.


1. Download the Phantom Wallet Extension on your Chrome or Brave Browser. You need a desktop or a laptop for this step.


2. Create a new Wallet or add an excisting one. If you are new to Phantom see instructions on the link below:
How to create a Phantom Wallet Account


3. Add SOL to your account. If you don't know how to fund your wallet follow the link below:
How to deposit SOL to Phantom Wallet


4. Connect Crypto Ravers with your Phantom Wallet or a wallet of your preference from our list by hitting the CONNECT WALLET button on our website.


5. Hit the MINT NOW button and accept the transaction on your wallet. Wait until the minting of your Raver has finished.


6. Check your collectibles section on your wallet. Watch your new Crypto Raver NFT and details about it. Welcome to the club!!